Product Range

Rebounded Foam

Rebounded foam is processed by bounding production foam waste arise during the time of foaming and foam processing. These foams are a combination of multiple densities of foam which are glued together with the help of special adhesive that makes it durable, strong and versatile. 

A. High Density at a low price compared to Pure foam grade in same density.
B. High Tensile Strength, Elongation and Tear Resistance.

Foam Density Range: 65- 150 Kg/m3
Size & Thickness: As per requirement.
Colour: Multi
Supply: No supply constraint.
Packaging: A set of sheets in a Black LDPE sheet than in an HDPE bag.
Delivery: Within 5 working days once the order is confirmed.

Mattress segment, Vibration sound dampening segment, Flooring, Sports Mats, Cushioning, Packaging, Carpet underlay, NVH to name a few.


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