The applications of foam are unimaginable. An extremely important and valuable product that feeds diverse industries, the Polyurethane industry is not short of its own set of troubles. Extreme caution is to be followed to ensure that the product is rightly manufactured at the desired cost, follows minimal wastage standard and is of highest quality. A slight alteration in formulations may spoil the entire equation. So can a raw material supply crisis or unmanaged logistics and supply chain. Inefficient sales and marketing can also dampen your profitability, many a times more than one can handle.

Consultancy from expert professionals can bail you out in such situations. Foam Villa, the problem management consultants for all that is not going right with your PU venture is proficient to sort out all issues- from the simplest to most complex ones. Whether it is a problem in production yield, product quality issues, supply chain challenges, sourcing and pricing difficulties, formulations and right mix of chemicals, excessive wastage, staggering returns, or more; we can handle it with desirable efficiency. Not just this, we also help you in selection of the best quality foam at cheapest prices to ensure that the end foam products are top-notch and economical. We also help you sort out any process-issues related to manufacturing of products like mattresses, flame lamination, glue lamination products, paint rollers etc.

At Foam Villa, we follow an exhaustive process which includes root-cause analysis, solution finding, brainstorming, implementation, execution; all deliberated towards positive end results. Resolve all your foam-related issues today. Call the most trusted global consultants.

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