23 Density Industrial Flexible Foam

Product Code: FV- In Sheets-23Industrial

As the name suggests, 23 Density Industrial flexible foam grades are processed keeping wide foam industrial application in mind. These foams are processed by blending high-quality calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and other filler in the formulation to get a low-priced foam for application where foam requirement lasts for a year or two. Adding the filler to foams increase its hardness but at the same time reduces its tensile strength, elongation, and flexibility in a big way. A high quantity of fillers can even result in foam losing its ability to come to its original shape.  

  1. Highly economical still offering major foam properties.

Foam Density Range: 23 Kg/m3

Size & Thickness: As per requirement.

Colour: White, Yellow, or any required.

Feel Soft, Medium, and Hard.

Supply: No supply constraint.

Packaging: A set of sheets in a Black LDPE sheet than in an HDPE bag.

Delivery: Within 3 working days once the order is confirmed.

Low-Grade Mattress, Packaging & wide range of industrial applications.


We are in a position to offer 23 Density Grade Foams in any required shape, size, colour, feel as per customer specifications and end application requirements. We request you to please drop your inquiries at enabling us to serve you promptly.