Coir Cushions

Product Code: FV-CR-CC

At Foam Villa, we offer Bared Rubberized Coir Cushions. Coir fibers, the outer coating of skin that encircles the conch of coconut are transformed into sheets & are sprayed with natural latex thereafter these sheets are placed in an oven & finally pressed to obtain Rubberized coir pads. Once these pads are processed we convert the same into required cushions as per specific customer size requirement.

Density & Coir-Latex compositions are main parameters on which quality, life and properties of coir cushion depends. Higher the Density and Latex composition better are the Coir Cushion properties and life whereas lower Density and Latex composition cause sagging and other quality issue.

In India, Coir product making is an important cottage industry. Indian coir products are exported to over 100 countries. 

a.) It is a 100% natural product.

b.) Allow good breathability and air circulation.

c.) Flexible & strong.

Coir Pad Density: Ranging from 50 Kg/m3 to 120 kg/m3.


Composition: Any required Latex & Coir Combination.


Size & Thickness: As per requirement.


Supply: No supply constraint.


Packaging: A set of coir cushions in a LDPE sheet then in a HDPE bag.


Delivery: Within 15 days once order is confirmed.

Have Both Comfort and Technical Applications.


Please share your detailed requirement at