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Trying hard to procure the best talent in PU industry at a suitable remuneration? Facing trouble in filling-up lower grade positions in your plant? Considering outsourcing your recruitment needs to someone knee-deep in the PU industry?

Foam Villa Recruitment and Placement services can assist you with the above and beyond. Strengthened by a chain of people with over three decades of experience in Polyurethane industry, we enjoy exceptional relations with a sound network of professionals working at all levels in more than 40 countries. These genuine associations enable us to quickly map the best fit and most willing people to the available positions at a remuneration that excites and motivates them and at the same time falls within the organizations salary range.

Whether you are in search of a junior executive, factory worker, senior manager, director, marketing manager, or any other candidate; a collective force of highly energetic group of PU professionals at Foam Villa can appropriately fill your positions in no time.

Product Page Content Find an extensive range of high-quality PU Industry products starting from raw material to finished products; Selected, Manufactured and Supplied by the experts in PU domain from all over the globe at the most competitive prices, only on this unique platform.

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