28 Density Pure Flexible Foam

Product Code: FV-In Sheets- 28Pure

28 Density Pure Flexible Foams are the most commonly used flexible foams for Household products and applications. Virgin high-grade raw materials grant these foams higher life, physical and mechanical properties compared to blended foams. Increased density compared to 23 Density Pure foam offer long-lasting comfort, durability to the foam and end products, these foams are preferred in applications where Durability and falls in the “Value for Money” product range. 


Due to the use of virgin/pure raw material these foams have good tensile, elongation, and resilience properties.

a. Highly Durable Product.

b. Consistent cell structure enables good Airflow offering better comfort.

Foam Density Range: 28 Kg/m3

Size & Thickness: As per requirement.

Color: Blue, Green, or any required.

Feel Super Soft, Soft, Medium, and Hard.

Supply: No supply constraint.

Packaging: A set of sheets in a Black LDPE sheet than in an HDPE bag.

Delivery: Within 1 working day once the order is confirmed.

Comfort Industry applications like Teenager and Baby Mattress, Sofa Cushions, and Seats.


We offer 28 Density Grade Foams in any required shape, size, colour, feel as per customer specification and end application requirements. We request you to please drop your inquiries at info@foamvilla.com enabling us to serve you promptly.