60 Density Hard Flame Lamination Foam

Product Code: FV- In Rolls-60HF

60 Density Hard Flame Lamination foam are open cell high quality polyether base polyurethane foam offering better hardness, tensile strength, elongation compared to normal grade foams. These foams are high density foam therefore are denser compared to low density foam and offer best properties on all different foam testing parameters.   


We measure these froths with added substances which help in delivering sufficient liquid polymers for better holding at the hour of Lamination with least thickness misfortune. These froths are handled in move structure with joints choices at each 30, 60 meters according to explicit client and end application prerequisites.

Our International Exposure with Hard Foams: India, China, Bangladesh, U.S.A Turkey & few Gulf Countries.




Density (Kg/m3)

60 (+/-)2

Tensile Strength (Kgf/cm2)

Greater than 2

Elongation (%)

Greater than 100

Hardness Value (IFD) Kg/323 cm2 at 50% Compression

80 (+/- 4)

Resilience (%)

Greater than 25

A. Extra harness, firmness, support compared to Standard foam grades.

B. Flexible, allow breathability and air circulation.

C. Roll form help in easy material processing in the Flame lamination process. 

Density: 60 Kg/m3.

Cell Structure: Fine and Regular.

Common Width: Width starting from 1.32 meters up to 2 meters

 Common Thickness: Thickness starting from 1.6 mm to any required.

Common Color: White, Grey and Black.

Supply: No supply constraint.

Packaging: Each Roll in an HM plastic sheet and then in an HDPE bag.

Preferred Lamination Process: Flame.

Delivery: Within 5 days once the order is confirmed.

Footwear, Automotive Industry, Carpet Underlay, Saddles, Medical Products and Many More.  


We are in a position to offer Hard Foams in any required Density, Size, Quantity, Color against specific requirements. Please share your detailed requirements at info@foamvilla.com enabling us to serve you better.