Coir Foam Sandwich Pads

Product Code: FV-Coirs-CFS

At Foam Villa, we offer Coir, Foam Sandwich pads processed using a blend of rubberized coir, PU foam layer combinations to meet specific comfort requirement. 

Few Regular Combinations:
Coir Pads + Rebounded Foams: Coir Layer at one side and Rebounded Foam Layer at the other.
Soft Foam + Rebounded Foam + Coir Pads: A layer of Soft Foam at one side, coir on the other with rebounded foam as the center layer.
Coir Foam + Soft Foam: One side Coir Pads for back support and another side Soft Foam for better cushioning. 
Coir Foam + Rebounded Foam + Memory Foam: A layer of Memory Foam at one side, Coir on the other with rebounded foam as the center layer.

Note: The foam, coir combinations & thickness vary as per specific customer and market requirement.

A. Offer quality dual comfort & support
B. Multi-layer combinations make it more durable and comfortable.
C. Flexible & strong.

Coir Sheet Pad Density Range: 60 Kg/m3 to 120 kg/m3.
Coir Latex Combination: Starting from 85% Coir + 15% Latex to 50% Coir + 50% Latex 
Foam Range: Soft Foam, Hard Foam, Memory Foam, High Resilience Foam, Other Density Foam Grades, Rebounded Foam etc.
Size & Thickness: As per requirement.
Supply: No supply constraint.
Packaging: A set of coir sheets in an LDPE sheet than in an HDPE bag.
Delivery: Within 15 days once the order is confirmed.

Wide Range of Comfort and Industrial Application such as Mattress Manufacturing (especially Back Support, Orthopedic, Baby, Fold-able, and Natural Mattresses), Cushion processing, Packaging etc.


We offer Coir Foam Sandwich Pads as per customer specific requirement. Please share your inquiry at enabling us to serve you better.