Flame Laminated Foam Products

Product Code: FV-Laminates-Flame

We offer a wide range of Flame Laminated Products processed through bonding flexible foams (both polyester and polyether) to a variety of substrates like films, fabrics, and paper as per specific customer and end application requirements.

Flame lamination is considered as the cheapest & fastest method of lamination, it helps in bonding a wide range of material to Polyurethane foam, the process involves passing foam over a flame, creating a thin layer of molten polymer. The fabric/film or paper is immediately pressed against the foam while it is still in the molten state under controlled pressure and tensile offering high bonding strength to the laminated product.

The strength of bonding depends on factors like foam, film, fabric selection, and of course the processing conditions like gas type, flame spread, flame height, foam burn-off & nip pressure.

Product Origin: Across the Globe

A. Cheapest & fastest method of lamination as no adhesive is required for bonding.

B. Better constant material adhesion increases the final product quality.

C. No adhesive creep or Bond Failure.

Foam Density: Any Required (Ranging from 15 Kg/m3 to 120 Kg/m3)

Lamination Type: One Side, Two Side, and Multilayer

Film/Fabric Type: Any Required

Product Width: 52 inches to 80 inches

Packaging: Each Roll in an HM plastic sheet and then in an HDPE bag.

Delivery: Within 8 days once the order is confirmed.

Industry Served: Acoustics, Automotive, Comfort, Medical, Furniture, Footwear, Military & Defense, Sports, Insulation and Clothing, Helmet & Packaging to name a few.


We are in a position to offer flame laminated material as per specific customized requirements. Please share your detailed requirements at info@foamvilla.com enabling us to serve you better.