Hard Memory Foam

Product Code: FV-Memory-Hard

We process Hard- Memory Foam in sheets and rolls form for a wide range of Industrial applications (mainly Bath Mats, Carpet Underlay & Shoe In-sole applications). With the use of special chemicals, Memory foam is processed with a hard feel to serve application where extra support, hardness, and slow foam recovery properties are required.


These foams are processed in roll form; Continuous Foam blocks of lengths like 30, 60 or sometimes 120 meters are processed. These Long blocks are then put on a cutting machine where the head and the tail of the block are combined, creating a big ring. A ring created meets a cutter placed in the machine that professional controlled slice the block into any required thickness in roll form. 

Please, further note we have quality setups to process Memory foam as per specific requirement. Please be in touch enabling us to assist you better.

Country of Origin: Indian and China

Also searched as: Memory Foam in Rolls, Hard Memory Foam, Hard Memory Foam in Rolls, Shoe Insole Memory Foam, and Memory Foam for Shoe Insole.

A. These foams have low resilience compared to normal foams.

B. Help in relieving pressure on painful joints.

C. Temperature sensitive foams, therefore, perform better at different temperature.

Common Density: 45, 65, 85 & 110 Kg/m3.

Density Range: 40 Kg/m3 to 120 kg/m3.

Common Size in Sheets: 72X 35 inches, 72 X 36 inches and 72 X 82 inches in required thickness.

Common Size in Rolls: Any required thickness with width ranging from 52 to 80 inches.

Lamination: Best for Flame & Glue Lamination.

Thickness Tolerance: +/- 0.3 mm.

Common Color: Grey, White and Black.

Supply: No supply constraint.

Packaging: Each Roll in an HM plastic sheet and then in an HDPE bag.

Compressed Packaging: Possible.

Delivery: Within 3 days once the order is confirmed.

Carpet Underlay, Shoe Insoles & Medial products.


We are in a position to offer Memory Foams in any required Density, Size, Quantity, Color against specific requirements. Please share your detailed requirements at info@foamvilla.com enabling us to serve you better.