Water Filtration Foam

Product Code: FV-Filtrations-WF

Water Filtration Foam are Polyether Based Reticulated Polyurethane foams also know as a filter or Open cell foams. These foams have an open cell structure where every cell has a 12-side shape allowing good air flow. These foams are available with PPI (Pores per linear inch) ranging from 15 to 120. Polyether-based foam is not affected by air, water, therefore, are widely used in applications where air filtration is required.


a.       Water Filter foams do not swell in water, soaps or detergents.

b.      Have High Tensile strength and Durability, therefore, longer life span.

c.       Washable and Reusable.

Country of Origin: India and China.

A. 100% open cell structures allow higher airflow compared to standard foams.

B. Lightweight, Low thermal conductivity, Easy to fabricate flexible foam.

C. Available in different PPI enabling to fit in different filtration applications.

Common Processed Density: 28 Kg/m3

Common Size: Sheet size with length 2 meters & width 1 meter

PPI Range: 15 to 120 count

Thickness: Any

Colour: White, Black, Green & Red.

Supply: No supply constraint.

Packaging: A set of sheets in a Black LDPE sheet than in an HDPE bag.

Delivery: Within 5 days once the order is confirmed.

Water filtration, Agriculture, Paint Rollers, Air Conditioners.


We are in a position to offer reticulated/filter foam in required Density, Size, Quantity, Colour, Shape against specific requirements. Please share your detailed requirements at info@foamvilla.com enabling us to serve you better.